Thursday, October 12, 2006

Leather Jacket Fillet @ Fosters

I have written on my other blog about my lunch at Fosters. Like I said, ambience and service were good. I would also say it is quite value-for-money. For $12.90+++, it came with bread, soup, main, dessert and tea. But the selection for set lunch was limited. There was a choice of fish, chicken or beef only.
Those who ordered Leather Jacket Fillet were quite disappointed.
The fish's jacket was probably too thin that the fish caught a cold and lost its taste bud (失去味觉).
It was too blend.

The bread and soup.

Love this butter.

Main dish (Leather jacket fillet) with fries and greens.

Rum & Raisin ice cream. Yummy!

We also shared this basket of chicken wings. This was good. The wings were hot and crispy when they were served. It came with Thai chilli sauce. This is the dish that makes it worth another visit to Fosters.

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