Sunday, May 20, 2007

Auntie Kim's

My colleague has been enticing me to try out the Korean food at Auntie Kim's. I finally went last Friday, during lunch :)
Address and phone number are below.
It is located on the stretch of eateries before Thomson Plaza (in the direction towards AMK).
The restaurant isn't big. Would suggest that reservations be made if going on weekends or in big groups.

These are the side dishes. The kimchi is quite good. But I think additional servings may cost $. Anyway, they were enough for just 2 persons.

We ordered Grilled Mackeral and Bibimbap (the latter was HIGHLY recommended by my colleague).

The grilled mackeral and its dip goes very well - very appetising + the fish skin is so crispy. Hmmm.... yummy!
As for the bibimbap, it isn't too bad but somehow I think it lacks something - cant articulate what it is. I cant help but thinks that the one at Ju Shin Jung East is better.
I would not mind going back there to try other dishes such as the beancurd soup, kimchi chigae and BBQ chicken :)
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