Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dae Jang Geum Korean Restaurant

I remember going to this Korean Restaurant for dinner late last year. The name of the restaurant is Dae Jang Geum, supposedly the owner wanted to ride on the popularity of that Korean drama... but I have to say - I'd be very sad for the king if that was the standard of the food served to him. I exaggerated a bit lah...
25 shenton way, #01-01/02-01, YESS Leisure ( formerly is NTUC CLUB)
Tel: 6224 5525

That's the restaurant entrance... the dining halls are at 1st and 2nd level. I was late and me (trying to be too smart) greeted the waitress '안녕하세요! 주리아씨어디에요?'. She replied '이증으로올라가세요.' I was stunned for a while but I understood 이증... ho ho ho... so quickly went up to 2nd floor. From then onwards, I remembered this phrase. :)

The ladies has already placed order for the food... so I just ate and ate and ate.

We also had the korean steamboat... so i ate and ate and ate....

That was a close-up of one of the side dishes. Can't remember how it tasted like. Most of the dishes did not have a lasting impression of me. Maybe bcos my food company was good.... as usual, we had lots of laughter till the waiters had to remind us 'I'm sorry....'....

Pork BBQ.... I would say... not as presentable... the waiters make better eye candies. kekeke!

But the deco on 2nd floor is still quite unique.

Wld I go back again? Well, the food would not be the primary reason.

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