Thursday, September 20, 2007

Allan Bakes

Chanced upon this cake shop - Allan Bakes - hidden in a quiet corner at The Village Centre (3 South Buona Vista Road, 02-13, Tel : 6774-7100).

I was attracted by all these delicious looking cakes through the glass walls. It was about closing time (abt 8pm) but am glad that I managed to grab a piece of Allan's signature cakes - Blueberry cheese cake. That was what Allan pointed to me when I asked him "What would you recommend?"

The cheesecake was moist and made of good cheese. At the base, it has a thin biscuit crust.

However, i would complain that it was a little too small ... it costs $5 and it could easily get a piece that is 1.5x this size from other cafes. But in terms of quality, it is 2 thumbs up.


  1. is the cheesecake halal?? I really want to eat that...but i am not sure whether it is halal or not...

  2. hi, u may want to call them up to enquire cos I am not sure if the cake is halal...sorry, not able to help you here.


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