Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hokkaido House - Gratin Sauce for Bread

This one is really simple to make, provided you have an oven. It takes only 1 minute to place your bread in your baking bowl, add in the sauce and send into the oven for 15 mins. Wala, your meal is ready!
The sauce is actually a mixture of carrot, potato, cheese and milk. Sounds pretty healthy too.


  1. Bread Gratin? How interesting. I shall attempt this some day. Perhaps it will work just as well with potatoes?

  2. hi, it is a very simple and easy to make dish. Yes, can add more potatoes but make sure they are a little cooked before adding it. :)

  3. Hey, may I know where did you buy that mix and how much did it cost?
    Was it delicious?

    P/S Sorry for late comments.

  4. Think i got it from ntuc or maybe isetan supermarket... only cost a few bucks. Not expensive. It was good. =)


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