Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hong Kong Wanton Mee (香港云吞面)

It was an immediate decision to check out this wanton mee stall after I read the posting on ieat. I also emailed to my fellow ex-AJCians and shared with them my excitement of finally being able to eat my fav wanton mee again. Some of them do remember the stall vague, some have no recollection of what they had been eating during those 2 years. For me, it was this wanton mee stall that filled my tummy back then.

My ex-AJCian colleague also remembers this stall but during her time, the stall was famous for their Chicken and Rice.

I check out the stall the next day (it was abt 2 weeks back) but I had just missed their operating hour. I reached at 3pm but they close at 2pm. Had a short chat with the auntie, who said she sorta remembers me, and I promised I'd be back again.

BTW, the stall is now located at

ABC Brickworks Market

Jalan Bukit Merah

(the hawker centre behind Alexandra IKEA)
The stall is located around the centre section in the hawker centre with a bright yellow signboard.

Me finally sink my teeth in the yummy wanton mee and ipoh hor fun again this afternoon. Oh no, did I ate 2 portions of food??

For the record, each plate of noodle is only $2, considered the cheapest you can find nowadays.

The wanton mee comes with a separate bowl of soup & wanton. The noodles are QQ. I like the soy sauce used.

Below is the ipoh hor fun, which I always asked to add fried wanton, back then in AJC.

This plate of 15 wanton only costs $2. The price is just unbelieveable. A little bird whispered in my ears that uncle and auntie are quite well-to-do wor... I just they are really doing something that they enjoy.

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