Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jackson Market : Dong Shen Frog Porridge

Jackson Market (along Macpherson Road) will cease operation as of 24 Sep, making way for the construction of tunnels in that area. R and I decided to go for the Frog Porridge before it is closed and to check out where they will be moving to.
Good news - their new location is just within the vicinity, next to the Bak Kut Teh stall next to Jackson Market.

The stall specialises in only frog porridge in several variety - onion & ginger, chicken essence, marmite etc. We ordered the onion & ginger frog porridge.

This is the portion for 2 persons - a pot of braised frogs (about 3 frogs I think) and a pot of porridge.

The porridge tastes like the cantonese style. A bit savoury with lots of fried onions. :)

You're supposed to scoop the porridge into a separare bowl and add the frogs and gravy on top. The gravy is very tasty. I guess the quality of dark soy sauce they used must be of top grade + maybe oyster sauce?

Overall, it was a delicious meal but a little expensive - $22 for this meal.


  1. Hi, just where exactly is the new place located? Ever since the place closed down, I've been looking high and low for their new location.

  2. Hi, I do not have the address but it is the located at the coffeeshop at the junction of macpherson road and upper serangoon road....


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