Sunday, January 20, 2008

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant (Top of UOB Plaza)

The Si Chuan Dou Hua has got to be one of my fav chinese restaurant for family dining. But so far, I have not been to other outlets besides the one at Top of UOB Plaza.

Don't be mistaken that they only serve dou hua (ie. bean curd). They do serve a wide variety of meat, veg, seafood, rice & noodles and desserts. Of course, dou hua is one of their specialities. On weekends, I do see many others going there for their family dinners as well.

This is a tea master who gets into act for the 'gong-fu' tea. The water that travels from the kettle through the long spout spins the water quickly in the tea cup. Spinning the water and tea leaves together quickly helps to bring out the tea fragrance.

A nice cup of chrysanthumum tea with wolfberries.

Each is given an individual serving of appetiser and chilli sauce. I like both the haebeehiam (prawn paste chilli) and bean paste chilli.
I love this pan-fried cod-fish with sauce. The cod fish is so fresh. There is no 'fishiness' or 'cod-oiliness'. To me, this is a must-try dish. The pan-fried outer-layer is so crispy. But there is a minimum order of 2 slices of cod-fish, which costs $10 each. Cod-fish lovers could easily finish both slices at 1 go... ^^

This is pan-fried toufu with spinach and dried scallop gravy. There are about 4 or 5 pieces of toufu covered by the scallop gravy. Overall, the tou-fu was good. The top layer of the tou-fu was made of mashed spinach. It is quite unique and the tou-fu was smooth and soft.
However, the scallop taste was kinda strong and overpowering for the veg.
This is brocolli with crab meat gravy. There is generous serving of crab meat as shown in the pic. Nothing spectacular but it was within expected standard.

My mom likes the XO Seafood Fried Rice. The colour looks light but it is quite tasty. The prawns (lots of it) are really fresh. Can feel the crunchiness as I chew them.

Our final 2 dishes were desserts - dou hua with wolfberries and dou hua with water chestnut. The dou hua is really very very smooth and silky. The one with wolfberries was slightly sweeter. Both are equally great - I cld not decide which is better.

A fortune cookie to end the dinner.... there is a little note of 'advice' in each cookie.

Though the dinner did burn a little hole in my pocket but it was a very satisfying dinner and it has always been the case there. Thank goodness, there is 15% off for UOB card holders.
Verdict : Many happy returns...

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