Saturday, May 24, 2008

Foodgle Hub at NUS

Went to Foodgle Hub, located at NUS's Prince George's Park Residences. It is an indoor foodcourt with about 10 stalls. Decided to try Astons Western Food since my colleague was raving about it. She had tried the western food from another outlet located at Serangoon Gardens.
Noticed the queue counter on the top left corner of the stall? Once you've placed your order, you will be give a receipt with a queue number. That means you can sit and wait for your food to be ready, without having to stand around and wait.
Each each main course, you can choose 2 side dishes. I chose onion rings and potato salad to go along with my Grilled Fish with Herbs.

The grilled fish slices was a little thinner than I had expected and hence could not really taste the juiciness. The tartar sauce went quite well and was enough for the entire slices of fish.
For the price of $5.70, I thought it was a little steep for students...and we might be payer even less at my good old Ghim Moh market.

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