Saturday, August 30, 2008

Seoul Yummy

For supporters of Meridian Hotel Food Court Korean Food, you'd be happy to know that Seoul Yummy, located at Square 2, is an expansion of Kim Dae Mun.
Seoul Yummy
10 Sinaran Drive
#03-68, Square 2 (next to Novena Square)
Singapore 307506
Tel: (65) 6397 6939
However, you might be disappointed with the food quality as many who has tried still prefer the meridien's food. But there is a reason to dine at Seoul Yummy - the dessert - PatBingSu, yogurt ice cream with shaved ice and fruits.
For a group of 2 and more, the set meal will save you a couple of bucks. It includes the side dishes (which aren't served if you order ala carte), main dish Bibimbap, fried glass noodles or fried udon, fried potato pancake or kimchi mandu (dumpling).
Side dishes - 5 in total. My fav is the cold tofu.

Fried Udon with seafood.

Fried Glass Noodles.


Fried Potato Pancake.
Kimchi Mandu (dumplings)

For the set meal, it comes with a drink and a mini bingsu.
The bingsu below is regular size. It is garnished with strawberry, kiwi, watermelon and red bean. The bingsu dessert is a must-try!

There is a promotion with HSBC currently but does not apply if you order the set meal.


  1. Please promise me that you will feast with me after my wedding *LOL*

  2. your wedding still so many months away leh...
    can feast a bit after your PS? heehee.


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