Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chellas Indian Vegetarian Cafe

This is my first time having lunch at Chellas on a weekday. It was CROWDED... had to wait for about 10 mins before getting seats for 6 of us.

I've always like to eat batura, though I know it is extremely unhealthy. It is made of flour and deep-fried!
Here's my Channa Batura. It looks like an inflated balloon when it is served hot. They are served with a green chilli and a thick slice of onion. The curry next to it is the dip for batura. How do I like it? I was a little disappointed as the dough was a little too thick and too chewy.

One of my friends ordered a set meal. Doesn't it look interesting with so many kinds of dip? But notice something even more interesting?
One of the side dish is a piece of whole chilli - that really tickles me!

Thanks to a colleague who seems to be a regular at the restaurant, the boss gave a 10% discount for our lunch =)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sushi Tei @ Holland V

Spicy Kimchi Miso Ramen was on the October promotion menu at Sushi Tei.

The ramen had lots of kimchi and seaweed, and I suspected there were lots of garlic in the kimchi. Sushi Tei managed to maintan the ramen quality and quite refreshing to have korean & Japanese fusion food.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Regent Hotel (Seminar Lunch)

Was at Regent Hotel for a seminar followed by lunch. I had opted for the Fishy meal instead of the Chicky meal.
Glad that it was salmon... a rather huge portion, I would say. Delicious!
My only complaint is - would anyone really finish up the onion? It looked like a monster!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Su Korean Cuisine [Closed]

Su Korean Cuisine
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #01.21
Telephone: (65) 6235-0420

Was there for a late dinner since most of the makan places at Far East Plaza were already closed by 9pm.

Frankly, the side dishes looked ordinary and tasted ordinary as well. Nothing worth special mention...

That's my main dish - Ginseng Chicken soup..... It was supposed to be the main-course of the day and had some discount. Again, the soup was ordinary as well, except that, there were a few more red-dates compared to other Ginseng Chicken Soup that you can find in other restaurants.
The portion is good enough for 2 persons.

Will I go back again?? Will prob do so if I have no other makan choices.
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