Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chellas Indian Vegetarian Cafe

This is my first time having lunch at Chellas on a weekday. It was CROWDED... had to wait for about 10 mins before getting seats for 6 of us.

I've always like to eat batura, though I know it is extremely unhealthy. It is made of flour and deep-fried!
Here's my Channa Batura. It looks like an inflated balloon when it is served hot. They are served with a green chilli and a thick slice of onion. The curry next to it is the dip for batura. How do I like it? I was a little disappointed as the dough was a little too thick and too chewy.

One of my friends ordered a set meal. Doesn't it look interesting with so many kinds of dip? But notice something even more interesting?
One of the side dish is a piece of whole chilli - that really tickles me!

Thanks to a colleague who seems to be a regular at the restaurant, the boss gave a 10% discount for our lunch =)

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