Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bird Nest Soup

You may pre-cook the bird's nest and store in the refrigerator for up to 7 days to be added to dessert, porridge, soup, as additional stuff for pork dumpling etc.

Soak the bird's nest in a bowl of water for 45 mins to one hour.

Use a sifter to filter the water and set the bird's nest aside.

Bring to boil a pot of water and place the bird's nest in a stew pot, making sure the stew water must cover the nest.

Place the stew pot in the pot of boiling water and using low heat for 45 mins.

For simple bird's nest soup, add rock sugar at the end of stewing.

Alternatively, you may add 5-6 pieces of American Ginseng or 4-5 pieces of red dates and simmer with the bird's nest.

Important: Always add rock sugar at the end of stewing not begining as it will spoil the taste of the bird's nest soup.


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  3. Hi there,

    So there's really no problem if i refreigerate the birds nest soup for 7 days? jsut worried if the sugar might cause the birds nest to break down and get mould. please advise, thanks!

  4. Hi, it should be okay as long as you store it at a compartment that seldom exposes itself to changing temperature eg. avoid storing at the door shelf section etc.

    Alternatively, you might wish to check with the chinese medical shops on recommended storage method.

    Of cos, best to consume asap.


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