Sunday, January 02, 2011

CNY 2011 - Pineapple Tarts

What's your favourite CNY cookies?  I've placed order for pineapple tarts, chocolate chips and almond cookies at Joyus Pastries (located at Tanjong Pagar MRT xchange) and collecting it at end Jan.  The pineapple tarts is $19 per tub and for the rest of the cookies, they are priced at $11 per tub (CNY price). 

What are you planning to get for CNY 2011?  Do share...


  1. Hi,great blog you have there! I'll surely come back for more :)

    My fave is the all-time favourite pineapple tarts. I made them once during CNY instead of buying off the rack, more satisfaction there. And with your own recipes, you can adjust the sweetness of pineapple fillings to your preference and..yes, fill the tarts with more pineapple..yummy! If you are game, do give this tart recipe a try.

    My 2nd fave will be Love Letters (Kuih Kapit). Usually we can finish them in a day. It was just that irresistible.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai To You!

    Sweet Tim

  2. hi there,

    just chanced upon your blog. but great entry you have there and the pic of the tarts looks so good :)

    anw just wondering the pineapple tarts that you bought, have you tried them? is the pastry fragrant and crumbly like those homemade ones? :)

  3. Hi Sweet Tim,
    Thanks for sharing the recipe... will certainly try it (when I have the time)! =P

  4. Hi anonymous,
    Yes, the tarts are really good. They do have sampling there. You shd try it! =)


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