Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kim Joo Guan Bak Kwa

I did not know about this shop call Kim Joo Guan until a few days ago when I was shopping at Taka Atrium and sampling the new year goodies.  Besides Bee Cheng Hiang, the other bak Kwa shops aren't that agressive to set up stalls at CNY fairs. 

I was hoping to get some sample from this stall, but unfortunately, there was no sampling.  I was ignorant and did not know that this is the shop that supplies bak kwa to Lim Chee Guan.  Which Singapore does not know Lim Chee Guan?  They are always in the news for the long queue outside their shop at Chinatown during CNY season.  And so I thought "Wow... then Kim Joo Guan's bak kwa must be quite good".  My curousity was further aroused when a guy, who already bought 5 packets (1kg each) of bak kwa, asked if he could "tong bang" me.  This was because the stall has limited purchase of 5kg for each customer.  Each kg costs $45 now.  And I heard that the limit will be changed to 3kg per cutomers and $48/kg from 24 Jan... Pre-order of bak kwa has closed since 14 Jan =(

While I was still a little undecided, a large part of me was instigating me to buy a pack to try.  But I know 1kg was a little too much for me.  But the 1/2kg packs will only be available in the evenings at 5pm/6pm.  Well, for me to rush down just to get a 1/2 kg pack, and still run the risk of it being sold out by the time I am there, I thought it was quite a good deal.

The salesgirl was reminding that mine would be last 1kg pack left for the day (at 12noon)... out of kiasuism, I bought it...

Packaging was already done, in a nice gold colour box. And to think that I had bought something which I never sample and see (cos already pre-packed), I must be quite out of my mind.  It had better not disappoint me.

I did some surfing about Kim Joo Guan there after, and realised that Dr Leslie Tay has good reviews about their bak kwa.  I was a little relieve.  And first thing I did when I got home in the evening was to unpack and try it.

The nice fragrant was released from the packing and the nicely BBQ bak kwa looks very appetising.  Personally, I hate thick and hard bak kwas.  KJG's bak kwa wasn't that thick and quite tender.  It was sweet and juicy at the same time too.  I finished 1 piece within the next 15 minutes (and with much satisfaction).  Like it, like it, like it!  Haha!

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