Sunday, January 09, 2011

Laksa @ Ghim Moh Market

I am lucky, yet at the same time unlucky to have a stall selling delicious curry laksa near my workplace @ Ghim Moh Market (Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road).  Lucky to be able to enjoy a bowl of delicious laksa with thick flavourful gravy.  I hate laksa gravy that is diluted, masked behind the notion of it being healthy.  I say, it is healthy as long as I exclude hum (cockles) =P

Since tou geh isn't my favourable at all, that is always excluded as well. Without both, this laksa can still taste very appetising with the thick bee hoon, tou pok and fish cake and sambal chilli (err, I think there is no prawn in it).  Bottomline is - the success factor depends on the quality of laksa gravy.  Delicious gravies will be thick, savoury yet a taste of sweetness in it. Yummy!  Check it out!

Because of the popularity of their laksa, it is usually sold out by noon time.  So, do be early if you're making a special trip down to Ghim Moh just to try the laksa.  By the way, there are 2 stalls selling laksa in Ghim Moh Market.  The core business for this stall is hotpot noodles (小碗面)... yet their laksa is more popular than the Katong Laksa stall in the hawker centres.  What an irony.  Haha!

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