Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dessert Indulgence at Brunetti (Tanglin Mall)

The dessert was surprising crowded on a working weekday with customers who are students, business executives and tourist.  Tanglin Mall isn't a very convenient location, being quite a distance from the MRT station, yet this manages to draw an impressive crowd. 

I suppose the reason behind this might be the wide range of beverages. Besides the usual coffee and tea, beer is also available from this dessert bar. But, I think the biggest draw is the range of desserts that look so irresistable.  Pretty-looking cakes, cute pastries, drooling chocolates/pralines, gelato that comes in usual (chocolate, tiramisu, macha) and un-usual (hazelnut, caramel) flavours.  The experience seems incomplete, if you walk out of the dessert bar without a taste of their gelato.  But if you already had more than you should, perhaps just ask for some sampling and hopefully, that satisfied your curiosity and craving about the gelato.

Brunetti Singapore
163 Tanglin Road 01 - 35 Tanglin Mall Singapore 237993
Telephone: +65 6733 9088

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