Friday, June 22, 2012

Ghim Moh Hawker Centre - Rong Yuan Cooked Food

Freshly-made chee cheong fun, glutinous rice, taro cake... try it before this is gone.  This stall is manned by a senior, whom I suppose who is already in his 60s.  He starts business at 4+am in the morning, serves mainly to the breakfast crowd.  On most days, his closes his stall by 8am.  On lucky days, he will open till about 2pm.  Even for someone who works in the vicinity, I consider it my lucky day if the stall is open during lunch hour.

The freshly made food, limited in variety, but the quality is maintained.  Highly recommended!

Chee Cheong Fun with glutinous rice.  The chee cheong fun is smooth in texture and springy.  Loves the sweet sauce that goes on the cheong fun.  The glutinous rice is soft, not too sticky... on some days, it may be a little dry.  Love the big dried shrimps hidden within the rice.

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