Friday, August 17, 2012

Chicken Korma @ Rocky Master (Biopolis)

A variation of South Indian chicken curry, the Chicken Korma taste almost similar as the usual chicken curry that you find at Indian restaurants.  The main difference is that, there isn't any potato in the curry, only chicken!  This recipe isn't spicy, spice taste is also pretty mild.  Those who aren't into spicy food but enjoys the taste of curry can try this.

The Chicken Korma was supposed to come with Briyani rice, but Rocky Master ran out of the rice.  They replaced it with pita bread, which was a good combination.  Ways to eat with pita bread?  You could either dip the bread into the gravy or wrap the chicken pieces in the pita bread opening!

If you're a small eater, this dish can be shared by 2 persons.  Certainly value for money.

Address: 8 Biomedical Grove #01-11-13/15-16 Neuros S138665

Getting there: From Buona Vista Station, walk over to Ministry of Education (MOE) building.  From the side of the MOE building, walk up Biopolis Way.  At the 3-way junction, walk in the direction of Biopolis Drive and head towards Neuros Building.

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