Saturday, March 30, 2013

돼지갈비찜 Stewed Pork Ribs with Potato

Anyone has recommendation for Stewed Pork Ribs with Potato in Korea?  I was on a trip in Seoul last year and my tour guide brought us to a restaurant which served this really delicious stew.  However, a check with the restaurant reception - they only cater to tour groups and not for individuals.  What a disappointment =(

If anyone has recommendation, do let me know.  I will check out the restaurant the next time I go to Korea!  꼭잦아하고싶어요!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Laksa from Ghim Moh Market

Having worked at Ghim Moh for almost a decade, the estate seems to be part of me.  I have seen the many changes there.  How many remembers there used to be a McDonald's at the present Kopitiam?  How many remembers that there used to be 5 coffeeshops in that cosy little estate.  Smiling Orchid Cake Shop was part of it and popular among the residents.  Funan Weng Ipoh Hor Fun was a small stall in the Ghim Moh Hawker Centre before the shop was moved to CBD and further expanded it's business to Toa Payoh.

The hawker centre is popular not just with the residents from Ghim Moh as well as from Holland estates.  It also attracted lunch crowds from Science Park, with it's weekly shuttles on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The food centre is extremely crowded on those days and long queues are apparent on a few popular hawker stalls.... Fried Kway Teow, Braised Duck Rice, Steamed Boneless Chicken Rice, Sliced Fish Hor Fun, Chwee Kueh etc.  Food prices are considered very reasonable ... mostly ranging from $2 to $3 for normal portion.

What's for my lunch today? 

Katong Laksa!! Looks good?  It really is not bad.  The rice noodles have been cut to short pieces.  The way to eat this is really just to scoop using the spoon and chop sticks is not needed.  The $3 portion comes with prawns and lots of fishcake.  If you like it bland, this will suit you.  If you prefer it to be more savoury and spicy, add the chilli paste.  The thickness of the gravy is just nice, not too thick nor diluted.
The stall serves fishball noodles and mushroom minced pork noodles too... but look for the sign that says Katong Laksa to make sure you are at the right stall.  =)
Ghim Moh Food Centre
Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road 

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Astons Express at Ghim Moh

On days where I do not feel like having a full meal during lunch or dinner, this is one of my favourite alternative choices.  For just $1.80, you get a soupbowl of mac n cheese.  The colour of the cheese looks too enticingly good, isn't it?  I have nothing to complain about for the price I pay, the portion I get, and the food quality. In fact, the portion is just nice.  Anything more might make you jerlat.


Address: Blk 19 Ghim Moh Road #01-229, Kopitiam Coffeeshop Stall 7/8, Singapore 270019
Tel: 6467 9677
Operating Hours: Open Daily11am - 10pm     

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Leong Sang Hong Kong Pastries (良辰美点)

The flaky egg tarts at Leong Sang Hong Kong Pastries are almost as good as those you can get from Hong Kong, shops such as Tai Cheong Bakery or Honolulu Coffee Shop. What makes a delicious egg tart would probably be 1) flaky yet crust does not flaky off the moment you hold it 2) crispy even when it isn't piping hot 3) exudes the genuine taste of the ingredients instead of tasting only the flour and 4) light and makes you wanna have more...

Address: Blk 18, Jalan Membina #01-06 Singapore 164018 Tel: 6271 6056

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ice Edge II Cafe at Upper Thomson Road [Closed]

Craving for some ice-cream in the hot Singapore weather?  Ice Edge Café II does serve some interesting flavours such as Salted Egg... yes, that was something new to me.  Perhaps it appeals more to those with acquired taste.  For me, I would prefer to keep to the more traditional flavours such as Mao Shan Wang Durian or Rum and Raisin.
Besides waffles, ice cream and cakes, the café also serve western food such as the Fish and Chips you see in the picture below.  The portion looks a little small because I had order the kid's size portion, saving my tummy for the ice cream.
While the food quality has nothing to be complained about, I can't say the same for the waiting time.  The café seems to be short-handed, hence be prepared to wait.... my friends and I waited for almost an hour for the food.  Yah... so you might want to check the waiting time before placing your order.  There are lots of other food options if time is not on your side.  =)

Address: 203 Upper Thomson Road,  Singapore 574344
Telephone No : 6255 4655

Updated on 16 Sep 2013: The café is closed due to expansion of Kovan branch and shortage of manpower.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Green Pumpkin Bakery (Japanese Bakery)

Love these kawaii-looking bread.  They are too adorable to be eaten.  On the hindsight, I guess not only the kids will love such innovative creations, adults would be attracted to try the different types of buns too.  Have you ever seen crocodile buns, monkey buns, elephant buns or doggie buns?  At first glance, I would the filling was crocodile meat.  After reading the description, then I realised that the name was given because the bun is in the shape of crocodile.  Haha...
Green Pumpkin has a bakery as well as a café at Nex.  If you need just to grab and go, the bakery would offer you the "quick" solution.  If you would like to sip a cuppa, the "slow" option is available.  The café has interesting drinks that do you normally cannot find at our regular cafes like Starbucks or Coffeebean.  You can get a more authentic North Asia type of drink such as Yuzu Latte, Matcha Latte ... and I am secretly wishing that there would be Pumpkin Latte or Sweet Potato Latte only *wink*
Address: Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery
 23 Serangoon Central
#B1-80 nex
Singapore 556083
Tel: 66347437

Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery Café
23 Serangoon Central
#B1-K1 nex
Singapore 556083
Tel: 66347990


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