Thursday, January 11, 2018

[Winter Korea] Tips for Inaugural Ski Experience

Tips before going on your first ski. It is not going to be feasible to buy the full set of ski equipment if you stay in a tropical country like me. Instead, everything that you need can be rented. That includes the skisuit, skiboots, skis, skipole, goggles and helmet.

What you need to buy is a pair of waterproof gloves suitable for this cold and wet sports.

Do note that ski suits are insulated and waterproof, which means you are protected from the icy snow even if you fall. Many people (that includes me) think that thick sweaters underneath the ski jacket will be needed. If you did that, you will regret big time. Thick jackets not only will cause obstructions to your movements, it will also cause you to perspire and get uncomfortable. In fact, a piece of lightweight comfy top should be sufficient. If you are really concerned about withstanding the cold, wear a set of heat-tech and that should be enough.

The ski boots is the most uncomfortable part of the suit. It is heavy and tight. Hence, it is best to avoid wearing socks that are thick and bulky eg. wool socks. If you are skiing in Yong Pyong, you can measure your foot size before asking for the shoe size at the boots rental counter. As a general guide, get a size that is 10mm (or 1cm) bigger. Getting a pair of shoes that fits snugly can greatly prevent aches and pains after your ski session. Good luck!


List of Ski Resort in Pyeongchang -

There are 2 ways to get the ski resorts in Pyeongchange:

1. By bus from Incheon Airport or from Seoul (

2. By KTX from Incheon Airport or from Seoul Station. Depending on the ski resort you are going to, you may alight at Pyeongchang station (for Phoenix Snow Park) or Jinbu station (for Alpensia Ski Resort, Yong Pyong Ski Resort or Jeongseon Ski Resort) .

Between the 2 options, KTX will be the faster option but the fare is higher compared to taking the public bus.

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