Monday, October 16, 2006

Aji by Hanabi

Sigh.... had a not-so-cheap dinner with not-so-satisfying dinner. Went to Vivocity. There are really a lot of restaurants there, some are opened, some are not.
Had my dinner with R at Aji by Hanabi.

It is a very modern and zen-looking restaurant and plays soothing Japanese songs. You'd imagine it will be a satisfying dinner. We were directed to the sets right at a far end. Next to us was a glass wall, looking outside is Sentosa. Wow! Sounds nice?

This is a feature wall in the restaurant.

The menu and the food in there looks very delicious as well.

Even the condiments containers and chopsticks covers are so nice, zen and elegant.

Here comes the main course.

His main course - Grilled Salman in Black Pepper with pickled veg. 6 pieces.

Mine main course - Grilled Cod Fish. (Our expression was ' Huh, you mean only like that ah'?. Haha.) But it was quite delicious. Love the deep fried lotus roots.

Our shared dish - Deep fried chicken with spring onion. Nice presentation but nothing too spectacular.

I suspect the aircon was a little too cold for the restaurant cos our food turned cold real fast.

Total damage : $51.


  1. errr.. the food looked really little :p

  2. I went Aji By Hanabi Jap Rstnt yesterday, the sashimi is wonderful.. guys you must try it.

  3. But... I am not really a fan of sashimi :(

  4. Japanese fine dining, go for their buffet outlets at Odeon towers or King's Arcade. yum!

  5. oh... thanks for your recommendation. where is king's arcade?


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