Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fish & Co. @ Novena Velocity

Went to Fish & Co. @ Novena Velocity (actually it is Novena Square) for lunch.
We were the 1st few customers there.

Today's experience was quite satisfying - not because of the food. Firstly, one of the families there came with a baby who was an attention-seeker and hyperactive. Kept yelling to his/her mom for attention. Secondly, the music they played made me think that I was in California Fitness and the CD player kept breaking down and the CD kept skipping [just imagining hearing 'da da da da da da da ' in a very fast tempo].

Waited abt half and hour for the food. Thank goodness it was not disappointing. Yes, it is the Classic Fish & Chip. You can't go wrong with that. The batter is just nice - not too thick and the fry to just the right degree. And I always love the sauce... I think it is butter? Tastes great!

This is the other dish we ordered - Grilled Salmon with Cajun Rice. The salmon skin was very crispy and the rice has raisins in it. Nice.

Attention to Citibank Card holders, you get a free drink (Passion Fruit, Ice Tea, Coke or Sprite) for each main course ordered :) We only knew about it when we were making the payment.

Rating :&&&&

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