Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Slippery Lobster Spagetti @ Galilee

That's my dinner for tonight @ Sengkang Library. Yes, there is a Galilee (cafe) in the library and they serve western food. The spag is a new dish and on promotion. I have no idea why the dish is called Slippery Lobster. Maybe the lobster tries to slip away from the spag.

It has 2 halves of a mini lobster. Overall rating, I would say, 3 out of 5. The lobster is a little fishy and the spag is slightly blend.

Total damage : $6.90


  1. err... maybe because they used slipper lobsters for the dish?

    p.s. i'm not kidding, there really is such a thing :)

  2. probably lor... still prefer the usual lobster. Jack's place has a soup which has lobster. Quite nice.


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