Monday, January 01, 2007

Chocolate Fondue

F invited P, JL, D and me to her place for a Fruit Chocolate Fondue session. Yummy!
I was hoping to see the chocolate fountain but it turned out to be this cute little thingie (which looks like an aromatherapy burner) ....
First, we melted the cocoa block in a separate bowl over a bowl of hot water.

These fruits are ready to be fondued - banana, chiku, strawberry and Korean pear.

Hmm... we also had mashmallow. Forgot to take pic of it.

Next, we heat up the chocolate by placing a tealight below. Then dip the cut fruits into the chocolate.

It was GOOD!


  1. love chocolate fondue, makes me wanna have it for dessert tonight, if I can convince my friend.

  2. I did there's a place a few meters away from our office.


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