Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sushi Tei @ Holland V

Had lunch at Holland V Sushi Tei as I did not want to waste the vouchers that I have.
There is an open kitchen for the 'raw food' section. Look at this chef, he was operating on a big fish!

I really like deep-fried food. Anything deep fried is delicious. haha.
The soft shell crab was cripsy but a bit too oily.

And I also like curry. Yeah. It's sinful stuff. I am always reminded of the japanese curry which I did not manage to eat when I went to Osaka many years ago. It was a road side stall and the curry simply smell so good.

Although the curry ramen does not seem like a huge portion, it was rather filling. There was also quite a large serving of potato, carrot and onion.

Overall, the food selection was interesting and food quality was good.

I shall be back for more Sushi Tei...

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