Thursday, January 25, 2007

顺发潮州沙爹米粉 (ABC Market)

ABC Market has been famous for its hawker food.
The place has been renovated not too long along.
It is located somewhere behind the old IKEA.
This day, I decided to give the satay beehoon a try.
Satay beehoon is not just beehoon with satay gravy (for the knowledge of those who do not know). There are ingredients including kangkong, prawn, pork, taupok, taugeh, 'hum', cuttlefish and sometimes pig liver.
Since there is a queue all the time, I assume the satay beehoon must have some standard la... I was attracted by the word '潮州' and hence, curious to know just how different it is from other satay beehoon I ate before.

This stall is self-service.
Like my usual order, I will ask to omit the cuttlefish, 'hum' and taugeh. Never like taugeh at all. I requested for additional sauce and that's how it looks.

Overall, it was a little disappointing cos it was a little too blend and the gravy was a little too watery.

Rating :&&&

It is not easy to find a good satay beehoon stall. So far, my fav satay beehoon stall is found in AMK Central Hawker (Blk 724), corner unit, facing a second-hand book shop.

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