Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Amici Authentic Italian Restaurant

Amici has set lunches that starts from $8. Sounds good?
My colleagues and I checked out the Holland V outlet during lunch one day.

The restaurant was not crowded at all when we reached abt 10 mins before 1pm. It has an open kitchen and you can see the chef in action.

Because it is open, it is best that you sit further from that area, unless you want to be reminded of what you ate for the rest of your day.

The set lunches come with a soup, bread and coffee/tea. No dessert :(

The above is mussle chowder. It tasted good although I do not like to eat mussle.

This is my main dish - Baked Dory Fillet in Pouch. The outer aluminiun is the pouch that contains the fillet, vegetable and stock.

The portion was just good for me, although some of the my colleagues think that the portion is a little too small.

Total damage : $10.90 (before taxes)

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