Sunday, February 18, 2007

IKEA Restaurant & Cafe

Finally checked out the new IKEA in Tampines. Mega Courts and giant-size Giant are nearby, making it a mega stores shopping centre.

It has 2 levels of excessive number of car parking lots. Furnitures and stuff are found at the 3rd & 4th floor.

The restaurant is at the 4th floor.
The design and 'system' at the new IKEA restaurant is the same as the classic IKEA. Just that this is of course bigger, making it proportionate to its store size.

I had poached salmon. It comes with potatoes and broccoli (i think it is $6.50). Looks like a pretty healthy meal. :) The herb (with pepper) cream sauce tastes good as well.

2 thumbs up for these fried chicken wings ($2.60 for 2 pieces). It was still hot and crispy when served.

After a hearty meal, we continued our shopping in IKEA. The height of the shelves say it more.

Check it out yourself.

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