Sunday, March 18, 2007

吃在杭州 (Makan @ Hangzhou)

Was told by the Hangzhou local guide that Dongpo's meat is Hangzhou's signature dish. Apparently this dish was 'invented' by a famous poet cum politician Su Dongpo (苏东坡).
Dinner @ Hangzhou
At a fishing resort.

This is Dongpo's meat. It is made from streaky pork (五花肉) with wine. I usually avoid eating pork if given a choice but this dish (which I only ate the lean portion) was really yummy.

This was what I had for dinner + rice + some soup.

Breakfast @ Hangzhou
I had a filling breakfast though there was not much selection...
The 汤圆 was pretty good. The sesame filling is slightly finer than what we normally have in Singapore.

There was no soup for my dumpling, which I though was a bit strange. Thought that the portion was a little too much for 1 person. There were about 8 dumplings.

Also had 2 pieces of cakes that looks like mini buns + milk (牛奶水).

And a mini 包.

Lunch @ Hangzhou

Lunch was at this place called Grandma's Kitchen (外婆家). The food there was quite good... we were optimistic that the food will get better as the days pass. Haha!

Well, there were greater variety la - got fried chicken, pork, fried fish fillet, vege, potatoe, tou gua etc...

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