Sunday, March 18, 2007

吃在南京 (Makan @ Nanjing)

Was told that Nanjing is famous for its Salted Soup Duck (盐水鸭). It is a steam dish marinated with salt and spices.
In fact, walking along the streets in Nanjing, there are lots of Salted Soup Duck ready-packs... like those u open and eat. May not even require any heating.

Dinner @ Nanjing

Dinner was in a restaurant in Fuzimiao (夫子庙)region.
You can easily miss the restaurant cos
1) it is located on 2nd floor
2) they do not on the lights at the entrance and even the stairs to 2nd floor
3) it looks run down ... a make-over seems quite necessary

At first, we did not feel too comfortable dining in this restaurant at all...cos the table top was wet, the plates were wet and the washroom... er... the advise was not to go if you can tahan.

BUT, BUT... the food was good! The cabbage was well-cooked (which I like), the sweet and sour pork was crispy and yummy. The food definitely looked more colourful and appetising.

The saltwater duck was not disappointing at all.

But guess what... I forgot to take down the restaurant's name... :(

Breakfast @ Nanjing

Breakfast was provided by the hotel (Hanzhong Hotel 汉中酒店). It was quite a disappointing meal.
Cold youtiao, cold bao, cold rice does not suit my taste...

Lunch @ Nanjing

Was told our guide that this may be the largest restaurant in Asia. The entire building is a restaurant. The restaurant name is Sunward Fishery Restaurant (向阳渔港). According to its website, it can hold a capacity of 5,000 people.

The quality of food was good (except for 1 dish which I find it stinko... no joke... it is stinko). Even so, the rest of the dishes made up for my breakfast disappointment. On the top left corner is Salted Soup Duck.

We thought the food was good but something else impressed us more - the toilet cubicles. Most of the cubs has a small TV flat screen... you get to know what is happening in the world while doing your "business".

Interesting, ya?

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