Saturday, March 31, 2007

吃在无锡 (Makan @ Wuxi)

I began to enjoy China food more as the days passed...
Hangzhou is famous for Dongpo's meat.
Nanjing is famous for Salted Duck.
What about Wuxi?
If you have read my other blog, I have written somewhere “无锡看骨头" which literally means 'Go Wuxi to see bones'.
The bones actually refers to Pork Ribs.
Besides Pork Ribs, Wuxi is also famous for Fried Glutton and Three-White Lake Delicacies(White Shrimp, White Fish and White Bait). Because of the freshness of the water from Tai Lake (太湖), it rears good quality seafood.
太湖三白 : 白虾,白鱼,银鱼
2 of my meals in Wuxi were at the hotel I stayed - Kaida Grand Hotel. The restaurant is located at Level 1.
The location of this hotel is quite good - next to a train and bus station. On the same day where we checked in, some of our tour mates din get their luggage delivered to them room till quite late cos there were 100 other guests from HK who arrived at abt the same time. That caused a bottle neck!
We were lucky that dinner was served on time!

Yummy! Yummy! This is the Pork Ribs. The ribs were tender and 够味!

And the rest of my dinner...

Breakfast queue was slightly longer cos of the 100 + guests from HK. But it was bearable... but something else did irritate us!

I wonder if Ruby is reading this. If so, CAN YOU HEAR ME??

By now, I know that typical chinese breakfast comprised fried egg, cold fried rice, cold steamed bao / mantou etc. oops!

But I was pleasantly surprised to see french fries!! Though they are cold french fries! :(

I wonder if my tour mates were irritated by an unusual ritual that bb and I had - we had to take pics of our food before we start eating. And I would wait till I have "collected" all the dishes that I want before I take my pic and start eating.

Lunch was at a nice restaurant - 紫云湖鲜馆 - probably means a seafood restaurant. Opposite the restaurant is a fish farm.

That's my lunch. Can you see the small silver fish at 12 o'clock position of the pile and fried glutton at the 6 o'clock position?

That's the White Fish - indeed it is white like correction fluid but tastes rather blend by itself. Think someone told me it is high in cholesterol. On my! I ate a lot cos I love fried food :P
That's the White Shrimp. Actually I was expecting to see something totally white white leh... how come it is still orangy?!

Are all these yummy food making you hungry?


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