Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chellas Vegetarian Corner

Chellas Vegetarian Corner (70 Serangoon Road) is an cafe selling Indian food at Little India. It is located at the junction of Serangoon Road and Dunlop Street, just across Tekka Market.

The snacks at the display showcase caught my eyes initially. There were samosa, chips, muruku, curry puffs, 'sweet meat' etc etc.

These homemade potato chips ($1.80/100 grams) look really good and the counter 'man' asked if I would to sample it. That was it! It was so crispy and delicious. I think it tastes good cos of the spices used on it. Addictive is the word. So I bought 2 packets of 100 grams each. One for myself and one for my colleagues. My colleagues liked the chips so much that they were snapped up within 1/2 hr.

Since it was a hot afternoon, I thought long and hard which drink to get. Should I get a sinless drink like mineral water or just forget about the 'sins' and get a milk shake or lassi? Well, I gave in to temptation and went for the milk shake ($4.50).
Guess what - that was really sinful. The milk shake was made of 3 big scoops of ice cream + milk!!!

See... it was as 'sinful' as drinking ice cream! You can see how thick it looks from the pic.

2nd floor is an airconditioned dining area.

My fren, K, tried the Bombay set meal ($6.50), which is the 'chef's recommendation'. This set is value for money. It came with plain rice + spice rice, actually easily sufficient even if you were to share it with another person. Taste is good too. I like the yogurt side dish.

As for me, I ordered the 'Sizzler Kothu Parota' ($5). It is actually fried roti prata with some vegetarian. A little disappointed with this dish cos this dish lack taste uniqueness.

There are many more other dishes on the menu. I might just be back to try some others if I happen to be in Little India next time.

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