Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dumpling Festival (aka Dragon Boat Festival)

To me, 端午节 = eat dumpling, more than watching any dragon boat race.

I miss the taste of dumplings that my mom used to make. But she has stopped making since last year. Greedy me decided to try out some gourmet dumplings from Orchard Hotel (Huating Restaurant). It costs $38+++ and includes 2 big meat HK style dumplings, 2 red bean dumplings & 2 5-grains dumplings!

It comes in a nice packaging box. Quite heavy also. 有分量。

These are the dumplings and its seasonings.

R and I decided to try the HK style meat dumpling (for our supper :P) So I tried steaming it using our microwave. It was not as easy as I thought. We spent about 10 mins trying to get the centre of the dumpling piping hot. It would have been better if we had done it with a proper steamer.

Here's how the dumpling looks, with some additional 料。haha.

Worth the money? It din quite suit our taste.

I still prefer my mom's dumplings lah.

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