Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hog's Breath

At Hog's Breath Cafe, this is one of the best value of money set lunch, I would say. For something like $12.90, you get a soup, main course (such as fish & chips) and a relatively huge mud cake + ice cream in chocolate fudge & whip cream. If only I 'ingest without inflat'.... how nice that would be :P

My colleagues look at me with surprise when I ordered a Chicken Ranch Salad but it was a good choice, otherwise I would either be feeling sinful (of overeating) or wasting food. The salad was so-so.... chicken pieces were slightly tough but I like the potatoes in the salad.
Since we were there to celebrate of our of colleagues' birthday, the cafe had also generously prepared 2 slices of baked apple crumble with candles on it. It was really nice of them to do so.
Satisfied customers are sure to return :)


  1. the chocolate cake there is sooo good. 2nd best chocolate cake.


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