Friday, August 10, 2007

The Good Waffle - The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice [Closed]

The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice, a high class dessert hidden in a HDB estate hawker centre (Goldern Mile Food Centre @ Beach Road aka Army Market). Like the header of its website reads, it is an Ang Moh dessert. First, I supposed this is a Belgian specialty and secondly, it is co-owned by a Belgian.

It is located at Level 1 and it will hardly to miss the stall due to its European facet.

(Can you see the Ang Moh boss standing behind the class showcase?)

The delicious part of these waffles is that they are really crispy, and goes well with gelato and thick chocolate dip. However, I find the price a little steep.
For a single set of waffle + choco dip, it costs $2.50.
For a set of 8 waffles + 4 sets of gelato and a pot of choco dip, it costs abt $25....好像很好赚喔! But again, it is 一分钱一分货。久久吃一次,it is ok :)

The 5 of us shared the set with 8 waffles and had green tea, coffee, chocolate and banana flavoured gelato. For a non-coffee fan, I actually quite like the coffee flavoured gelato.
The business-minded boss even had a reward system of accumulating points in exchange of free waffles. I shall be back to claim the freebies :)

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