Monday, October 08, 2007

Homemade Italian

Found this outlet 'Homemade Italian' by chance after a gym session at Raffles Place California Fitness.

Address: 50 Market Street, Golden Shoe Carpark #01-32,
Meixin Foodcourt Stall 10
(It is just across Republic Plaza)
Tel : 65358223

It serves main courses such as Poccini Chicken, Pan Fried Garlic Fish, Beef Lagsana, Meatballs etc at $7.90, pizza with 2 toppings at $5.90 and pasta (seafood, carbonara, aglio olio) from $5.90 to $7.90.

I tried the garlic fish and love it! The serving portion is quite generous and it comes with garden salad.

However, if you are cautious about garlic taste in your mouth for the next 12 hours, then you might not want to finish the entire garlic sauce. :)

~ Edited on 8 Oct ~
For some people, Raffles Place is probably the last place you wanna be during the rush lunch hour, people use tissue paper packs to 'chope' seats! Like that also can ah.
Despite the long queue, the chef still managed to whip up a delicious breaded chicken dish for me, after a wait of approx 10 mins. The serving portion is really big for the price of only $7.90. Very good value :)
It is a piece of deep fried chicken breast meat covered with bread crumbs, with cheese and ham strips on top. Also comes with a generous serving of garden salad.

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