Saturday, August 11, 2007

黄埔(庆)街边美食鱼头炉 Whampoa Food Street (Keng) Fish Head Steamboat Eating House

Went to 黄埔(庆)街边美食鱼头炉 (556 Balestier Rd Singapore 329872, Tel : 9769-4451 ), located at the junction of Ah Hood Road and Balestier Road. On the walls in the shop, there are many 8R photos of the boss 阿庆 (in golden hair) with mediacorp celebrities including Chen Hanwei, Lee Nanxing, Zhou Chongqing etc etc.

On my 1st visit there, I bumped into Zhou Chongqing actually. He looks ok and seemed to have recovered well from the recent accident he had.

The fish head steamboat is very similar to 天外天鱼头炉。The thing about such steamboat is that the steamboat continues to be cooking when you are eating it. The charcoal in the boat keeping the soup boiling. What makes 天外天鱼头炉 and 黄埔(庆)街边美食鱼头炉 one of the 鱼头炉四大天王 is that there isn't a fishy taste and the soup is very tasty. However, I am also doubting if they had used MSG to make the soup taste good.
Standard items in the steamboat - a choice of the type of fish, cabbage, green veg, fried yam and a sour plum :)

Noticed that most of the bigger tables are reserved most of the time. So better be kiasu than to be disappointed.
Price of steamboat starts from $20 for 2 pax.

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