Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Shanghai Eater (真知味上海小吃)

The Shanghai Eater (真知味上海小吃), located at Jalan Leban, is actually opened by a middle-aged Taiwanese couple. It is a homely, simple food outlet which opens everyday except for 1st day of lunar new year. But need to check their opening hours before heading there as operating hour may vary from their usual hours.

Why Shanghainese food? The lady boss said that, Taiwan is like a cosmopolitan city for Chinese food, due to the influence from migrants from different parts of China.

The shop is small compared to the restaurants found along this stretch of shop house. So look out for this sign board.

Side dishes - beancurd strips in sesame oil and crunchy seaweed. (Note: cost of side dish included in bill. I think is $2 or $3 per dish).

上海炒年糕 (Shanghainese Fried Rice Cakes)

The white slices of chewy rice cakes tastes like Korean Teobokki. It is fried with pork, mushroom and cabbage. The dish was overpowered by its saltiness so remember to ask them not to add too much salt. As such, I find that it lacks its distinctive taste. I always find that China food are too generous with salt used.

馄饨汤 (Dumpling Soup)

Can't remember if there were 6 or 8 pieces. These dumplings are wrapped like a 元宝. The dumplings are not too bad. The seaweed soup tastes quite good. In fact better than the dumplings.

韭菜煎饼 (Pan-fried Chives Cake)
The best dish of all that we ordered. Each plate comes with 3 pieces. The filling is a mixture of chives with vermicelli. Quite special and it does very well with their special sauce dip.

葱油饼 (Pan-fried onion pancake)
This one is also quite good if you like onion pancakes. Besides the green onions, it seems that it is pan-fried using onion oil as the onion fragrance is quite strong.

Total damage : About $30.

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  1. Hi, Shanghai Chao Nian Gao is similar to Gungjung Tteokbokki.


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