Sunday, January 20, 2008

Western Food @ Biopolis Food Court

Went Biopolis for lunch a few days back. The ride was just a few minutes away but we hardly go there. We have been talking about taking the Biopolis bus, which supposedly brings Biopolis people to and fro GM market. Anyway, RK drove there that day.
The food court was not extremely crowded. The environment in Biopolis gave me a campus feeling, just like in NTU.
All 3 of us ordered different dishes from the western food stall. I ordered the fish fillet with fried rice ($4). The price is quite reasonable considering that there is a small portion of salad.

The fish fillet covered with breadcrumbs was quite crispy, the batter thickness was fine, though I think some people may find it too thick. It came with chilli sauce instead of tartar sauce.
The rice was a little bland and I think the gravy did not make it any better.
Verdict : Once is enough.

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