Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hankook Rice Cake House

Hankook Rice Cake House
No.9 Thomson Ridge (Off Thomsom Road)
Singapore 574637
Tel: 64563456
Fax: 64563470
Open everyday except on Wednesdays
or at Square 2 (next to Novena Square)

This shop sells authentic korean rice cakes and does not use butter or egg in the process. Hence, these are really quite healthy stuff.
I bought a box of rice cake that has red bean paste fillings and it tasted quite good. There is a nice gentle aroma of sesame oil and the red bean paste is really smooth.

A healthy dessert indeed.


  1. hello, while doing food research, i found ur food blog. its v itneresting! can i link u to my food blog?


  2. Hi Maureen, thanks for dropping by. Feel free to link. I saw that you blog in mandarin.... not easy wor.

  3. hi jo..thanks for visiting too! will drop by often..yes, not easy..hehe


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