Sunday, February 24, 2008


Haven been to Prego for a long long time since I have not been to Raffles City for a long long time as well.

This visit, I decided to try something different from my standard Carbonara. So, I went for Wood-fired Pizza Margherita. The pizza is really huge and hm... portion for 2 pax? It was cut into 6 slices.
The crust is thin and crispy. The combination of tomato sauce, cheese and tobasco sauce can't go wrong much. Anyway, I finished 3 slices and R & R finished the other half of the pizza for me, in addition to their pasta main course. Haha...

We ordered 2 desserts - Tiramisu and Creme Brulee. The tiramisu is served in a bowl with a Prego logo on top. The tiramisu cream was light and R thought a little bit more rum would make it taste better.

Below is the creme brulee which was served in a rather big plate, definitely a size good for sharing. The top lay of sugar came in small bits instead of a uniform crispy layer. And, i thought there was just too much sugar when the creme brulee below is only a think layer of about 1.5cm.
I suspected that 'red ball' is actually raspberry ice-cream and I was too lazy to confirm if i was correct... It was a little sour and filled with berry taste.

Would I return for more desserts again? ... I think I'd prefer to go Menotti located at the other corner of the building.

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