Saturday, February 02, 2008

Marche @ Vivocity

It has been ages since I last went to Marche. Back then, it was either at Heeren or Suntec. I so so so miss the banana crepe and was wondering if the new Marche @ Vivocity (#03-14) has it.
Wala! And I found it!

And I ordered my then fav banana crepe. It is a thin layer of crepe that wraps slices of banana with caramel inside. Looks the same as it used to be. ^^

The banana sure looks delicious. BUT, I would say that the standard is not as good as it used to be :( Something was lacking but I could not pinpoint what it was exactly. Perhaps it is the quality of banana, perhaps it is the taste of caramel which was not as strong.

The chicken wing was quite disappointing too... :( it was not as tasty as it looks and the thick layer of fats beneath the skin puts me off a little.

This is the 1st time I am trying the smoothie since the waitress strongly recommended it. The colour combi looks really attractive and the smoothie was really thick. BUT it tasted a little too sweet after drinking for a while... :( And I added ice to try to dilute the sweetness....

Overall, it wasn't a very satisfying meal. And I really miss those days when the food was much better, back then at Heeren and Suntec.

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