Sunday, February 24, 2008

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuit @ T3

Popeyes has opened a new outlet and yes, it is in the airport again which I can't understand why they can only be found at the 3 terminals and not anywhere else in Singapore. In T3, it is located just next to the Kopitiam foodcourt at Basement 2.

For a 4-piece set meal ($13.95), it comes with 4 pieces of chicken, 2 drinks, 3 side dishes and 2 biscuits (and jam). Side dish selection include fries, mash potato, coleslaw or redbean rice. Not all may like the red-bean rice cos the taste is a little unusual. You'd either love it or hate it.


  1. thats my 1st time hearing about popeyes, so between KFC and popeyes, which one do u prefer?

  2. haha... i think i'd prefer popeyes.

  3. They say the Popeyes in Manila is even tastier. Would love to try it out one day.

  4. Popeyes's bread is a must try, i really wonder how they made it. and their mash potato..mmmmm
    and their chicken seems better then kfc, but then again, you get wad u u paid.=)


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