Sunday, July 13, 2008

Din Tai Feng @ Junction 8

Din Tai Feng is one of my favourite dining place for family. Not only that their food quality has been consistent, their service quality is also prompt and efficient.

Here's what we have shortlisted and included in our frequently-ordered list.....
Vegetarian appetizer comprising seaweed, vegetables, bean curd and glass noodles.
Hot and Sour Soup - small portion which is good for 3 to 4 pax.

Pork Dumplings in red chilli oil.

Garlic Dou-miao...

Fried Rice with prawn - this is our all-time favourite. Their prawns are usually big, fresh and crunchy. And love it cos there is also lots of eggs in the fried rice. The rice grains aren't like the normal rice imported from Thailand... suspect they might be using Japanese rice.

Another all-time favourite - Din Tai Feng's signature Xiao Long Bao.
And a close-up of the xiao long bao, with minced pork filling + gravy. We normally dip in vinegar and eat it with some ginger strips.
Will be back for many many more times...

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