Friday, July 18, 2008

Ministry of Food - My Izakaya @ Marina Square

Was initially a little skeptical about Ministry of Food since it looks like yet another Japanese casual dining place in the shopping centres.

R highly recommended the hot stone rice and so I gave it a try. It comes in either salmon or unagi ans I opted for salmon hot stone rice ($6.80). He kept emphasing that I should continue to stir the rice while eating, else the rice will get burnt and get stuck on the bowl. And it was true cos another fren's rice got stuck onto the bowl for not stirring.

The hot stone bowl is really really hot and there is no way one can touch the bowl with bare hands. So, it actually comes with a wooden base. And the wooden spoon is meant for stirring the rice. My only complain is... why do they provide metal spoons instead of wooden spoon for eating?

Food quality wise - it was not disappointing at all! The rice is very fragrant and I like the salmon bits. Thou the dish was a wee bit too oily.

My dessert - Macha Imo ($6.50). Japanese soft gelato with a piece of fried sweet potato and fried yam. A combi of hot and cold dessert in 1 serving.

It even came with a small instruction card on how to enjoy the dessert. Cool!

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