Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pasta de Waraku (Square 2)

This was my 1st visit at Pasta de Waraku @ Square 2... the restaurant entrance isn't very prominently located in the building though the restaurant itself is just next to a taxi stand. The entrance is located next to The Face Shop and not at the taxi stand side.
I decided to go for a light meal and order the Japanese-Style Clam Chower ($8.80). Thou V and J found the soup to be quite diluted, it was just right for me. However, what was very misleading was the BIG soup bowl, that gave us am impression that the serving portion was generous.

Guess some of us may be familiar with the famous Japanese plum alcohol - Choya Plum Wine. I ordered the Umeshu-soda ($6.80) which was a mix of the alcohol with soda.

And finally, my yummy dessert - Macha Azuki Parfait ($6.80). The bottom-most layer is corn flakes, covered with vanilla ice cream, topped with macha ice cream, strawberry, japanese rice balls, red bean paste and a piece of wafer biscuit.

Total damage - approx $25.

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