Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Nihon Mura - YCK Stadium

Nihon Mura is another Japanese family restaurant under the Suki Group. Not too long ago, the outlet took over a seafood (round) restaurant next to YCK Sports Complex. Why round? Go take a look for yourself and you will know. In fact, Suki Group has been expanding quite rapidly as far as I can see in which they also took over another restaurant just less than 200m away from Nihon Mura, and opened the Sakura International Buffet Restaurant.

Went there on a Friday evening and had no problem getting seats since the restaurant is tucked away in a quiet corner of AMK. What had attracted me when I stepped into the restaurant was the 4 layer sushi conveyor belt, that blurred my eyes, with sushi moving left and right. The reflection on the side of the conveyor did not help at all. While I do not think that 8pm was considered late, the sushi selection was already very limited and they had stopped making fresh ones.
Since I was there for the 1st time, the waitress explained how we should go about ordering our food as no menu was provided. WHat we had to do was to bring our "pen holder", exit the restaurant from a side door and there a array of menu was on display. There were ice cream sticks beside each menu and we just had to pick up the corresponding ice cream sticks and place them in the "pen holder". Something quite innovative, ya?
After we have made our selection, just pass to a counter and return to our seats. One down side to this is that either someone needs to stay back and watch our barang barang or leave the barangs on the table and run the risk of losing our valuables.
Food quality wise - not for fussy diners. Expectations had to be adjust for $0.99 sushi, $4 agedashi tofu (4 pieces) and $6.90 soft shell crab.

Frankly, the dipping sauces were pretty good but the hot aren't quite piping hot. Perhaps the air-con was too strong? But ya, the rice dishes are served in hot stone bowl, I will probably give it a try next time.

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