Monday, December 08, 2008

Jos' Fudge Brownies

Had been thinking about the brownie cake which I ate at a colleague's housewarming partya couple of days ago, which inspired me into the baking mood on this Hari Raya Haji....

The good thing was there was a packet of pre-mix for fudge brownies and some mini choc chips.

Using the pre-mix is always easy. Simply mix it with water, vegetable oil and eggs. It is that easy.

I added the mini chips before sending the batter into the oven, which was preheat at abt 180 degrees.

There were 3 sets of baking duration provided for different baking tray sizes. I wasn't sure how big was my tray but reckon that the brownie would be cooked just before it gets burnt.

But half way through, I felt a little uneasy about the timing uncertainly and took a measuring tape to measure the tray size outside the oven. Haha....

Here's how the brownie looks like after 48 mins of baking... thou the instruction provided said that it should be done within 52 to 54 mins. Since the oven started getting a little smoky, I suspected that the top layer might get burnt anytime and hence decided to turn off the heat.

Here's the final product which I will be sharing with the HIPPIES tmr. The brownie seemed more chewy than it should be. The top and sides were a little "tough" while the centre is still a little damp. I kinda regretted not letting it bake "until full term" ie. 52 mins.

Anyway, I hope HIPPIES will like it and that my little impulsive experiment will caste away their Tuesday Blues for this week.

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  1. I loved it!! Had so many helpings! Thanks for sharing the yummy stuff! :)


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