Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Franky's Kaffe Kitchen [Closed]

Franky's Kaffe Kitchen
9 Raffles Blvd
Millenia Walk Mall
Tel: 6336 7641

Would I say that I've finally found an authentic Korean Cafe? I think so... the ambience will surely remind one of the cafe in Coffee Prince, except that this place lack the luxury of having a courtyard since it is located in a prime area in CBD.

The cafe is located in Millenia Walk mall, next to Pan Pacific Hotel and it is facing Marina Square. It used to be Burger King, for those of us who are old enough to remember the place well. Despite locating in a prominent location, there were few customers when a few of us went there for after-dinner coffee on a weekday night. We wonder why....

This is Franky, who is also the barista. He is a Korean and is a rather friendly person, if you approach him.

Look at this unique projection clock!

Love this hot chocolate... think made from dark chocolate and reasonably priced at $5.10. It definitely tastes different from coffee bean chocolate.

When I went back again, this time in the daytime, there were slightly more customers. Most of them seemed to be on the go and order sandwiches, and not the Korean meals. There seemed to be more Korean diners in the evening...

Besides sandwiches, they serve Korean meals too! Here's my Kimchi Stir-fried Udon. At first look, I was rather sure that the portion was too much for me! But but but... I said it too quickly. The kimchi fried udon was so appetising that I finished the entire plate! There was a generous portion of kimchi used in the udon. The kimchi was one of the best that I've tried in Singapore so far.

The fried udon cost $13.50 and initially thought I should order the mini portion which cost about $6. But there was no regret after my first bite.

My friends who tried its bibimbap were raving about their food too...

Their signature dishes!

More Korean dishes from their little menu which was tucked away in a unprominent corner, and not place on every table.

For those who are aware of the price of Korean alcohol will know that this is quite a steal... it is even cheaper than Korean supermarket price! Anyone game for a hite beer or soju drinking session, buzz me!

And if you have a HSBC credit card, there is a 10% discount for evening dining =)


  1. Oh I miss Franky's. Let's go back there one of these days. I must eat their bibimbap this time round WAHAHAHA

  2. It is a nice place to hang out after a day's work...chill out & chit chat...

    I want to try the korean steamboat =)

  3. Hihi im new here:)

    Is this restaurant still open? I went over millenia walk but cant find it. their number aso nt in use... hahha wonder izzit Franky's moved?

  4. Unfortunately, I think the cafe has closed down or moved...

  5. YEAH i miss the food!! but it has closed down!!! nooo wanted to go see my boss there... i guess the only way to eat the food again is to go korea to the main branch any one know where is it?-yeeler


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